Our Story: A Legacy Built On Trust

One of the most trusted and fastest-growing conglomerates in India, Ghodawat Consumer Limited (GCL), is synonymous with daily consumable essentials at affordable prices. With a wide range of products such as Star Atta, Edible Oil, Pulses, Rice, Salt, Snacks, Assorted Namkeens, Water and ‘To Be Honest’ – Real Fruit and Vegetable Crunchies and more. On top of that, Fizzinga, Frustar, Coolberg and Rider are our top-selling products in the beverage category.

2003 Oil

The journey begins with our maiden product. The first thing on the pan and in your mind while cooking, Oil is a must-have in every household, putting the seal on flavour and taste for every meal. The range was introduced in 2003 and was an instant hit and a household favourite, especially the Refined Soyabean Oil: our highest-selling product.

2013 Rice

The next step was making simple and everyday meals extra special, and to do this, we brought a hot bowl of steamy rice to the table. Introduced in 2013, our Rice range gave a delicious edge to daily meals. Whether it was just plain Wada Kolam or the yummy Jeera Rice, lunch and dinner spread became 10x more fulfilling.

2013 Salt

Introduced in 2013, Star Salt has become a staple in Indian households, revered for its iodized, vacuum-evaporated formulation. This free-flowing salt not only enhances flavor but also promotes health with its blend of iodine and crystal salt, providing a naturally delightful taste. Recognized for its purity and premium quality, Star Salt is trusted by consumers across the nation.

2014 Impulse

Lastly, tapping into the Impulse category, we introduced a range of beverages and snacks to urban and rural regions of India, with an idea to make this category more accessible. From fruit and carbonated drinks to crispy chips, a roster of chilled and masaledaar products were introduced, completing the family of daily essentials at Ghodawat Consumer Limited.

2018 Atta

How can we leave out everyday food without the mention of roti?
These fluffy and warm delights, straight from the tawa, are a constant favourite of everyone. And ours was made from the finest in India. Set up and introduced in 2018, the Chakki Fresh Atta and Premium Atta keep rotis soft for longer with a hint of fresh, homely love.

2022 Coolberg

Joining the roster next was Coolberg, India’s leading non-alcoholic beer brand, which was acquired in 2022 by the company to penetrate the market better and stand out in the beverage category. A refreshing new chapter for Ghodawat Consumer Limited’s Impulse Division.

2023 TBH

In 2023, the hunger for healthy snacks grew and the company acquired a healthy range of baked snacks brand, To Be Honest, to strengthen their premium packaged goods profile. To Be Honest offers a range of vegetable and fruit snacks, including okra, ripe jackfruit, beetroot, mixed sweet potato, chickpeas and tomato chips.

As the list went on and the company grew, the range of products at Ghodawat Consumer Limited (GCL) expanded. With Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat at the centre and under the able aegis of Mr. Rajesh, Mr. Shrenik and Mrs. Salloni Ghodawat, GCL has achieved every growth milestone while creating a landmark presence for their company. 

At The Helm

Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat

Founder and Chairman
Sanjay Ghodawat Group

An Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman and the Founder behind one of India’s fastest-growing conglomerates, Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat is a personality extraordinaire. A mechanical engineer by profession, Mr. Ghodawat is also a licensed and certified pilot for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and gliders.

With 10,000+ employees at the Sanjay Ghodawat Group driven by ambition to become “The Biggest, The Best and The Most Valuable” conglomerate, the Group was founded in 1993, and worked rapidly to diversify its business into various high-value industries like Aviation, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Mining, Realty, Retail and Textiles. 

Apart from the Industrial Sector, Sanjay Ghodawat founded India’s youngest university in 2009, Sanjay Ghodawat University (SGU), which is ranked as Asia’s fastest-emerging private educational institutes surveyed by WCRC and KPMG, India. 

Sanjay Ghodawat received many regional and national awards such as the Ideal Business Award of Maharashtra, Maharashtra State Vanashree Puraskar, Bharatiya Udyog Ratna Award, 5.0 Outstanding Educational Entrepreneurs of India, Global Young Entrepreneur Award, Economic Times Award for Inspiring Business Leaders of India, Suryadatta National Award, Corporate Excellence Award, Jain Ratna Award, Samaj Bhushan Gaurav Award, Game Changers of Maharashtra Award by Economic Times and Global Philanthropist of the Year 2021 Award.

Mr. Rajesh Ghodawat

Ghodawat Consumer Limited

The Director of Ghodawat Consumer Limited (GCL), Mr. Rajesh Ghodawat’s journey began in 2005 at Ghodawat Textiles as a Partner, where he leads the Textile Division with a creative and innovative outlook to develop the best in fashion. Currently, Mr. Rajesh oversees day-to-day operations and crucial decision-making for Ghodawat Textiles and Ghodawat Consumer Limited’s Rice & Flour Milling businesses. Under his guidance, the Rice division has seen substantial growth and Star Rice is among the top 3 branded players in India. 
Mr. Rajesh plays a significant role in all the strategic and commercial decisions across the Sanjay Ghodawat Group.

Mr. Shrenik Ghodawat

Managing Director 
Ghodawat Consumer Limited

Stepping into the family business at the age of 19, Mr. Shrenik Ghodawat brought his remarkable vision, management methods and global approach across the Sanjay Ghodawat Group. At Ghodawat Consumer Limited, Mr. Shrenik Ghodawat is the Managing Director who leads overall operations and strategic functions. In FY 2021, Ghodawat Consumer Limited became a INR 1000 Cr. revenue company and is rapidly moving to achieve the 2000 Cr. target in FY 2023 under the leadership of Mr. Shrenik. His charisma and dynamic approach have led to company’s and Sanjay Ghodawat Group’s remarkable growth. Mr. Shrenik has been awarded many accolades like Entrepreneur India’s “35 Under 35”, 40 Most Influential Under 40 Indians by Asia One, Business Leadership Award 2021 and Young Business Tycoon 2021 by Times Group. 

Mrs. Salloni Ghodawat

Ghodawat Consumer Limited

As a Director at GCL, Mrs. Salloni Ghodawat is in charge of day-to-day execution as well as formulation and implementation of sales strategy. Mrs. Salloni runs the entire omni channel sales network for Atta, Edible Oil, Rice, Snack Food and Beverages divisions, while working closely with the sales team. Mrs. Salloni was felicitated with FEMINA Pune’s Most Powerful Personalities Award 2021 and Powerful Business Women of India by Navbharat Times.